Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's with the name?

Indeed, what's with this name? "pulpitandgavel" alludes to two symbols of authority and responsibility; with the former, the pulpit, as my choice of place from where I preach my Sunday homilies and the latter, the gavel, as my constant reminder of the instrument I once wielded when I presided over the Lodge I was tasked to "govern and rule".

Their being symbols of authority are quite obvious. In my many years in the ordained ministry, I have yet to see a regard different than the one which views the pulpit as the people's visual link to the Holy One being proclaimed and on whose behalf I stand and preach. In a similar fashion, the gavel, with which I governed my lodge, was an emblem of power and with it, I sat in the Oriental Chair, the lodge's exalted station.

The pulpit and gavel are also symbols of responsibility. I fully realize that the pulpit, as the people's visual link, can point to a completely different understanding of God when used with grave irresponsibility and for wrong and selfish reasons. It, therefore, has to be approached with special care and to be used for the singular reason that your message is not just yours but of the One you speak for. As with the gavel, it is intended to be wielded for the great good yet, at times, also wielded for a greater evil. Hence, it has to be borne with the utmost care and a deep sense of responsibility.

My wish is to have "pulpitandgavel" speak about the same issues that I would be speaking of when I am at the pulpit; as well as matters relative to my journey with my fellow "Travelers". 

Hence, the name "pulpitandgavel".


  1. Hi Padre, when I am not raking the garden or trimming trees and hauling it up the hill, I spend my time reading and studying the Old and New testament. Other reading materials such as Naghamani scrolls, Jesus mysteries, The Gospel of Mary, Gnostic gospels are to me, fascinating references to understand how Christianity and religions evolved. Do you recommend other materials? Lesli and I miss your preaching but most importantly the company of you and your family.

  2. Bayani,

    I like your choice of name for your blog and the sense of purpose and responsibility that you apply to it. I look forward to reading you regularly.